Why I’m running for DNC Treasurer

For the last several weeks, I’ve had the terrific privilege of standing amongst friends and colleagues at Democratic National Committee Regional Forums. I knew in my heart I wanted to give back. So I took a leap to run for a leadership position to do just that.
I announced my candidacy for Vice Chair. And I set about listening.
Over the course of my campaign, I heard you. I heard state party leadership saying they need more fiscal strength. I heard delegates who wanted transparency from the DNC when it comes to money raised, and money spent. And I heard your significant need for fundraising. This is what I do best.
The only reason I got in this race is to give back. And that’s exactly why today I’m announcing that because I’ve heard you — I’m changing my candidacy to run for DNC Treasurer.
I came to this country as an immigrant with a dream — and only $100 to make it come true. And I’ve achieved that dream — and more than I ever dreamt possible.
I’m a business owner living in Los Angeles. I’m a philanthropist. I’m a proven fundraiser for the Democratic Party. I was an Obama Administration Appointee.
I’m originally from Jamaica. My mom saved everything she could to send me to school in Canada. I came to America recruited to study to be a nurse. And I worked double shifts to achieve my dreams. After getting graduate degrees, I opened a business in south central Los Angeles bringing high quality healthcare to low income communities. I’ve started a foundation to further my work. And I’ve found the most remarkable people who — like me — want to give back.
More than a decade ago I was asked by the Democratic Party to help them give back. And I did. I started fundraising locally, by asking people to give back. I’ve now successfully delivered fundraising results at every level: county commissioners, state legislators and at the federal level for President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I have netted some of the highest fundraising figures to date for candidates — and I’ve done it by broadening our donor base and making sure that it reflects our diverse coalition.
Much has been said about how we rebuild our party. And I’m certain so many involved in the Democratic Party have brilliant ideas to do just that. I want to listen to those ideas. I want to financially support those ideas. And I want there to be the money for proper grassroots organizing. You see — I believe rebuilding comes from the bottom up — not the top down.
I know it might be audacious to run, but I believe our party is best when we strive to be audacious.

Here’s my audacious plan:

I’m lucky enough to win as DNC treasurer, I pledge to lead a team to raise 5 million dollars a year to help improve all of our state parties, not two years from now but beginning right here, right now. I pledge to be transparent. To support this party every day.
I know our state parties need more financial support to rebuild, and I can bring it. As a member of both the Obama and Clinton National Finance Committees I helped to raise money to boost our campaigns.
I know how to give people the tools to make money. That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life. As I said, I came to this country with $100. And I am now so blessed as to host fundraisers at my home in Beverly Hills. I’m living the American Dream — and all I want is to give back to this party — so we can really and truly make America great again.
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