They look great, there’s the potential to learn loads and/or be entertained, they put you in touch with some of the greatest thinkers, doers and creators the world has ever seen (even those who are no longer on this mortal coil), AND they smell great.

‘They’ are books. And I love them.

Books held an almost religious status in our family whilst I was growing up and one was never allowed to treat a book badly. Leaving it on the floor was frowned upon whilst writing in one was positively sacrilegious with one exception — the cook book! …

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If you’ve not heard of Brené Brown then let me first direct you to her TEDx talk in Houston in 2010 on vulnerability – there is a reason it is one of the most watched TED talks ever (over 22 million views to date).

After reading her book Daring Greatly last year and understanding what it meant to be vulnerable and how that is important to in order to live a full life, I became a little bit Brené obsessed (as are most other people who have read her books or watched her talks — don’t go thinking I’m crazy here!). So when I discovered she would be doing a talk at The School of Life I immediately bought a ticket. So did several members of the Escape School and after a brief yo sushi! …

Being a designer who specialises in print design for publications is a somewhat scary prospect in this ever expanding digital age. I’m constantly feeling left behind and out of touch with technology so I thought it would be a good idea to do something about that, face the problem head on rather than hide, ostrich-like, pretending none of it is happening. That’s what a grown up would do and apparently I am one now. Apparently.

So yesterday I made my way to London for my first ever Guardian Masterclass entitled “How to create a successful digital magazine” and boy am I glad I did. Turns out that I’ve not missed the boat at all. In fact there was an undergraduate in the audience who stated that his fellow students are all paralysed by digital. An undergrad. Aren’t these the kids who are meant to come out of the womb waving their iPhones and coding million dollar apps instantly?! …

wins the race:

how one girl’s determination

to get fit

changed her life

by Helena Knightley

We spend our lives transitioning. From a baby into a toddler, through childhood, the wondrous years of puberty and the teens through to adulthood. Where, for many, transition of any significant guise ceases. The focus moves on to buying a house, getting married, having babies, raising children etc. However, for me adulthood marked a period in my life where I controlled the transitions that occurred. As a tiny and geeky teen I grew up very much feeling like the ugly duckling, un-noticed by the boys at school. As I graduated from university and made a life-changing move to London transitions REALLY began. …

A Successful Business

Interview with the founders of
lewin & reilly — organic skincare: Kim and Andi
by Lorna Morris

What are your backgrounds?

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Kim and Andi — founders of lewin & reilly

K: I was born in England and developed a love of beauty and dance from an early age. I studied classical ballet, musical theatre and contemporary/modern dance in England which led to many wonderful opportunities, including a job on a cruise ship travelling around the world where I met Andi.

A: I grew up in Gisborne, a small town in the North Island of New Zealand best known as the Chardonnay capital of NZ. Growing up surrounded by grapes, it was natural for me to gravitate toward wine and hospitality. …

by Tomo Nakamura

After 7 years in banking I decided to leave my job in banking without a clear-cut goal at the end of the tunnel. I jumped out of the corporate race to go travelling for 4 months and now I’m working with a co-founder on two businesses that I hope will make a difference.

How did your partnership come about?

Antonio (my co-founder) and I met at Escape the City during an alumni event for their Startup Tribe courses that we had both attended. Antonio was working on Goen Matcha (selling Matcha to the UK community) and I was working on …

by Tommy Scargill

Travel is exciting for me, travel is enlightenment for me, it’s my self-actualisation, and it helps me learn and puts so much into perspective for me each and every time. The travel bug at some point definitely bit me in my life, it’s an addiction for me and I simply need a fix often, to travel forever is the dream. However my latest trip the decision was to get away from everything really, to find a new alleyway for myself, and sure as hell it was spontaneous.

I wanted to figure out if I could do something else with my life, I’d been working in the nightclub industry for three years at that point and worked my way up throughout that time, and the idea was to start up my own business. I can safely say the business that I went to set-up never materialised, but something greater did — my travel site. My real passion, to express my love of travelling in writing with the hope to inspire at least one other person to travel. I have accomplished that, however I don’t want to stop at just a few people now that I’ve got a taste for it, I want to inspire so many! …

The Entrepreneurs Motto

by Lorna Morris

Flying around the world to deliver workshops and
collaborate on projects is a pretty awesome way to live
and Linzi Wilson is living the dream.

She helps people to get ‘super stoked’. Works location independent. And has helped building a stand-up-paddle school in Australia. Meet Linzi, who used to be a surf teacher, and now helps people build their businesses from all around the world.

But why on earth would you give up being a surf teacher?
Linzi grew up being a geek. Until she discovered surfing at the age of 14. She muddled through the rest of her schools years and was encouraged to head to university to study Marine Leisure. She lasted a week. On her return home she went back to her job of surf coaching, the job she had been doing for years already but that her lecturers told her the degree would make her fit for. She worked hard, undertook a personal training qualification, saved up, and then headed off to travel for eight months to follow the waves around the world. This was Linzi’s life for the next few years until she was asked to manage one of the surf schools. Here she first learnt her talent for business and grew the school by 100%.
Being thrown into the role of being the boss meant she had to take her friend/colleague hat off but Linzi admits she was very lucky with her team who had arrived from all over the world that first year. They gelled really well, there were no arguments or issues in the first year so when they arose in future summers she felt more confident in dealing with them — even having to fire members of staff and be the bad guy. …

by Brian Horan

With skis on my shoulder, I headed for the door of the log cabin Hotel. Knowing it was my first day of skiing, the Manager passed on some local wisdom, “If the fog descends on the mountain, follow the trail poles or wait for professional help.”

Crisp bracing air, majestic mountain peaks and clear sunny skies welcomed me to the Swiss Alps. The Manager’s advice was superseded by picturesque views from the alpine gondola of wooden chalets and snow-covered mountain ranges and, upon disembarking, exhilarating ski runs … until the moody mountain conditions encouraged clouds to envelope the peak.

All of a sudden everything around me went white, as the all encompassing fog wrapped itself around the mountain like a heavy blanket. Confusion about which direction to go, lack of clarity about the correct path to follow and fear about dropping off the side of a 100m cliff gripped me as I waited for the cloud to lift. …

by Mel Allan

Do you dread getting to old age, looking back
and thinking “was that it?!”?

That was how Mel Allan felt
until she discovered skydiving…

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t had a bad life, I grew up in a stable home and have a decent job and great friends, but it seemed for much of my adult life I was getting more and more lost. A series of bad decisions and bad luck left me divorced, not really knowing who I was anymore or what really makes me happy. Things hadn’t turned out how I had planned or expected them to. I kind of bumbled along for a while, switching between locking myself in my flat, I didn’t want to face the world, and going out for the sake of it because I thought that would make me happy. …


Lorna Morris

Freelance Graphic Designer. Creative Explorer. Instagramer. Bibliophile. Chocolate fiend. Gin snob. Cat fan. Admirer of extreme movement.

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