It pays off to start early

It’s been two days since the Andela bootcamp started and, I have narrowly beat the deadline for my daily assignments; yesterday, I beat it by a minute, on Monday, by 11 minutes. I’m tired of living at the edge.

I decided to start on the work earlier today and I beat the deadline by 5 hours. I can’t say that the assignment was easier today but with a deadline ahead, you can think faster and better.

I have heard of tools like Postman before but I have never been moved to learn how to use it. I decided to learn how to use it today as I made a command line application that retrieves the weather details of the city or country. One thing I have appreciated about the Andela bootcamp is the way we learn by doing projects with specific instructions. It has kept me engaged and has heightened my curiosity. If I get the opportunity to teach someone, I’m going to use this strategy.

Today, two things I affirmed:

  1. It pays to start early. Don’t wait until later.
  2. Project based learning is the best method of learning how to do anything.

As always the clock is still ticking.