Savor your candidate’s time in the sun :) No sarcasm — good will.
Graham Anderson

Interesting. Please keep in mind I’ve been in this game quite a while now. I’ve been at events with Amy where her most important goal was to keep her agenda intact, which meant she (and her machine) didn’t lend herself to answering questions or seeking answers outside her (their) realm of reality. I spent a few weeks in Iraq (Feb 2003) with Jeremy who was obviously anti war and left before the bombing began (for very good reasons and which I supported), but he has not returned yet. His main interpreter and someone the rest of us recognize as a virulent Saddam-lover, didn’t necessarily give him the most objective info once he returned to the states. Even Amy, who got her “claim to fame” in East Timor, has not actually visited the places she reports on that she so heavily complains about in relation to US foreign policy. I consider her work the polar twin of FOX, just as rabid and uniformed in its narrow focus and messaging.

You are communicating with someone who was asked to be on BAI in NYC for an hour during AM rush hour just days after returning from 6 weeks in Iraq (Feb/March 2004) and after I told my first story: how I had Iraqis point out to me something that was opposite to my then-agenda, which made me realize I was not doing my job as a journalist, i.e., telling the stories of the people I encountered — ALL the stories and not just the ones that supported my preconceived agenda and at that moment decided I had to go home. What they told me was how much they loved GW and how shocked they were I wasn’t going to vote for him. But I didn’t want to leave bc there were important stories to tell that went way beyond the dead bodies and blame-it-all-on America tales the media just loves to hover over and feed into to get “your” interest, which leaves about 90 percent of the rest of the story out of reach. (We really can’t blame the media, they just give us what we want…what soundbites will make us wake up and pay attention until the next commercial comes along selling us another type of drug we crave.) So I came home and told what I called “the many truths” and after 5 min on air telling that one story, I was given the boot. Why? Bc it didn’t jive with their preset agenda based on limited or no real life, on the ground experience.

And here you send me some clip of the far left lunatic fringe with yet another angry old white guy who actually blames the Clinton’s on the recession of 2008 bc of their deregulation of Wall Street. Somebody’s got to do their homework on these issues before they allow folks to go on air with such misleading info. Look to income tax rates pre Reagan. Look to what Reagan did during his time in office. Yes, others followed in his footsteps but to lay the motherload on the Clinton’s is not a sign of simply ignorance, but something more dangerous….shockingly so.

Now don’t you worry your little head about me savoring anyone’s time in the sun. And don’t dare assume I accept your smarmy comments as anything but. You are incredibly transparent in your agenda. I know too well that there is no time in the sun for Hilary Clinton, just as there wasn’t for Obama, who after just a few short months had the left wing lunatic fringe attacking him equally with the GOP….even after he made good on his campaign promise to remove the troops from Iraq. I was there in the many months leading up to, during and after the troop withdrawal and it was not pretty.

There is no time in the sun for those doing the real work. There is only the work to be done…In DC, in the world, in the trenches. The bloatedblogisphere is full of couch potato wanna-be know-it-alls without an iota of real world (definition: global scale) field experience. And when I say work, I’m not talking about these one to two week trips so-called citizen journos take on spring break to far off places that magically transform them into pseudo experts on entire regions and their socioeconomic, political, and ethnoreligious makeup.

Keep watching those who speak your language, feed you back what you already believe. I’ve stayed too long here…have to get back to work. Thanks for affording me the opportunity to do a quick free write before attending to the reality before me. No sarcasm-good will…

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