The truth about entrepreneurship

You’ve seen them, the Gary Vaynerchuk’s, the Jeff Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg. The entrepreneur has become the new rock star, but with everyone having the mindset of going out on their own, do they understand the long road ahead?

As you can imagine I’m writing this from the perspective as one of those individuals, I, like many others, feel incapable of working for “The Man.” What this really means is I’m too much of an out-of-the-box worker and thinker to be punished by a nine to five job. When people hear this, they immediately believe a person is lazy. He must be spending most of the day reading the content of others, posting to social media and how they are “so busy, they simply do not have time for leisure.” In reality, the majority of my time is spent working. I have given up the lifestyle of 9 to 5 for 24/7. Now you may ask yourself, what person in their right mind would give up less time so they could work more? I’d have to reply with “someone who has hopes and dreams of building something bigger than they could ever imagine.” “The only way to make a dream a reality is to go all in.”

My entire life I would err on the side of caution. I suppose you could say this is because I’ve always been an anxious individual. Since I was a kid, I suffered from anxiety, this made my mind mostly of “playing it safe” and “if I choose the most predictable route, I at least can roughly determine my outcome.” In reality, none of this is true. We try to guess what the future holds, but we may be right or equally wrong.

After spending more of my life in school than not, I’ve come to the conclusion that the structure of school and work is just not a fit for me. I do not do well with authoritative figures I suppose this is because more often than not, they are of the mindset “I said it, I’m the professional, don’t question my opinion.” This has been a common narrative I have had the displeasure of experiencing through most of my school and professional life. Finally at age 27 I said enough is enough, I’ve had it with these MotherFu#!ing snakes on this..Wait that’s the wrong quote. I said “I’m sick of building a foundation for everyone else, it’s time to build a foundation for myself and my family.”

In reality, I knew the road ahead would not be an easy one. In fact, I spent half a year preparing by reading dozens (Over 40) books on entrepreneurism and starting your own business. In short, all the books had the same advice, “buckle down, keep your mind focused on the goal, ignore the haters and never give up.”

Easier said than done, right? Not so much. It’s actually easier to do it than say it; the problem is it’s not as fun to do it compared to saying it. This is a common problem among today’s society, we spend more time telling people what we hope to achieve than acutely buckling down and getting it done.

What I quickly learned from starting my own business is any time I decide to take a break; the whole company is shut down until I decide to start again. This is both scary and exhilarating.

The problem with being an entrepreneur is most people starting out focus on the Big Fish like Gary V, Tony Robbins, and Elon Musk. If people were to not focus on the guys who have been working day and night for 25 years, but focus on the people who are currently starting out like they are, they will see the grim reality that entrepreneurship isn’t all fancy jets, nice cars and oodles of cash. Before any of that happens, it’s thankless work, sleepless nights and a primary diet of Mr. Noodles and Black coffee. We need to lose the romanticism associated with entrepreneurship as I feel it leads people to false hope. While making it big by yourself is a bigger feat than many, understand it only happens after years and years of dedication and hard work. We like to pass off hard work to words like “luck” and “viral” we must understand all of these hollow words are founded in years of dedication, hard work and calculated effort. No one gets lucky, they get busy. So if you feel like starting your own business, buckle down, shut up and keep working, this is the ONLY way to build something from nothing. Don’t believe me? Check out these success stories.