Top Business Motivational Speakers for Leadership Success

Undoubtedly, the reason why great leaders invest so frequently in business motivational speakers is that they understand so well how an unmotivated team is a team that is set up for failure. And it is exactly when organizations are facing challenging times, that motivated people are key to survival and success. The biggest challenges every business face includes integrity, competition, customer loyalty, dealing with uncertainty, managing risk, solving problems, attitude, and putting together the right team.

Many businesses still embrace the workforce approach that was adopted during the industrial era. …

Motivational Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas: “His message is not of people to people. But a message far bigger than us.” —

“It’s a jungle out there.” In a Wild World, merely surviving is not enough. To THRIVE in a world of change and competition requires exceptional resilience, teamwork and leadership. And no-one has seen this more than Lorne.

Ever since graduating with his Masters in the Behavioural Sciences, he has been seeing, in the flesh, everything it takes to THRIVE in a changing, competitive world. First, years as a sought-after leadership trainer and management consultant. Then nearly a decade as a game ranger, patiently and painstakingly observing, tracking and photographing Africa’s Big Cats on a daily basis.

Lorne Sulcas — The Big Cat Guy

Top Motivational Speaker Helping teams & organizations get competitive advantage & survive competition. Resilience, teamwork, leadership and MOTIVATION

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