Venture, and Robots, and Space…Oh My!

Finally back to the blogosphere. Last time I was in this realm was back in the Fulbright days roaming around Vorarlberg, St. Gallen, or Liechtenstein. Now, I am no longer in Europe, and no longer teaching or chasing down research on Euroskepticism.

These days I work at a pretty riveting tech startup. All other hours I am actively living the mantra of my late Grandfather: “Never stop learning.”

“What are you learning about about, Lorny?” Well, I am a big air and space enthusiast, hobby roboticist (in shitty robots mainly!), and maker projects. Here I plan to write about the projects I work on and things I am learning — hence the title.

Did I mention the affinity for data? I am a closet hoarder of economic, finance, and venture capital data and periodicals. If I find any worth writing about I will share it here.

In the mean time be expecting written works of art from yours truly including a synopsis of welding a cowbell, the extensive complaints of a newbie building a shoddy model rocket, and some thoughts on the global crowdfunding trends I am pooling together for fun.