Timed Comments 2.0: More than just a new look
Dhruv K Jaura

So basically what you’re saying is you’ve removed the excitement (the frenzy of comments every time a fantastic thing happened) from timed comments and replaced that with your own monitored opinion. Jeez talk about “Big Brother” I just cannot say how truly disappointed I am about this. ..well maybe I can. My heart just fell. To actually realize that whatever I say might immediately be deleted on the whim of someone’s opinion and never make it the comment line is just grossly unfair to the one commenting. What if I just want to express a big WOW from the shock at something I just saw?…I’m no longer allowed to vent that because someone there feels I don’t express as well as someone else and it’s not a “worthy” comment? that’s grossly unfair.

Timed comments is no longer a full view of what those at home are really saying/thinking at the moment they are watching but an edited script of what comments you decide are worthy enough to make it to air. You’ve taken away the whole uniqueness of the thing. It went from a beautiful viewable texture of human emotions to a complete flatness. At the most you should have found a way to maintain the emotional integrity of the thing without blocking people out. At the least, you should have given the option to choose between the old and new format so that even if you were going to edit us out it wouldn’t be such a noticeable slap. At the very very least you should have left the thing alone and just made it prettier.

No matter what show it is now I feel blocked and contained knowing that if I make a comment it may/may not be there when I make it. I now look at all the comments and feel like I’m being banned by Viki for something and locked out of making a comment. This has ruined my user experience. So of course my subscription will end. With Dramafever and the rest, I have no other expectation but to watch a good HD video and leave a review at the end. I probably stand alone in my view of these changes but there’s nothing wrong with standing alone.

With all that said. I would like to express my thanks to Viki for providing me so much enjoyment during the viewing of countless videos. I’m a loner sort of person and Viki provided me with the gift of feeling and being sociable for many enjoyable hours. A world of make-belief video watching friends! Though this has now ended it was quite a fantastic freeing drama viewing experience for someone like me while it lasted. Kudos to the person or group that came up with this. I’m leaving with a smile.

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