I’ll always Feel the Bern but it’s time to stand with her
Kimberly Harrington

After seeing a couple of new groups on Twitter — BernieBros For Trump and Bernie Bros 4 Trump — I thought we truly had fallen through the looking glass. That any progressive could find equivalence in “Sanders=Trump” seemed the height of oxymoronic self-sabotage, so I’d begun to wonder if there was to be any salvaging of our compatriots on that side of the primary aisle.

As a Clinton supporter, I’ve watched in dismay as the ugliness between her supporters and his ratcheted up over the last year, convinced there was no room for such vitriol in the (orange) face of what was looming on the other side. “Support who you’re for, share positive information about the candidate you’re supporting, but knock off the ugliness!!” was a familiar, echoing cry… which seemed to fall on very deaf ears.

So your article, with its call for sanity and solidarity, is not only smart, funny, and to the point, it’s very, very needed. I hope legions of Sanders supporters read it, are moved by it, and shift their thinking because of it. It’s important. We’ve GOT to get in this together and there’s no time to waste.

THANK YOU. Very well done.

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