My writing makes no sense anymore because I can’t make sense of what I’ve already said
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne, this is powerful, and I ask you to rest. You see, what is gurgling up is a seed planted by a black man in my city I listen to him and others, and also listen to black women (women taking priority…ha!). And although the same is true of other POC, the black leadership has always contained a compelling voice that made me hear. What is needed in this country is for white people to take up more of the work that you and others do. With our privilege, it is us who must take a much greater role in the clean up of the resulting disaster that has existed since time immemorial. For example, we need to get the “exception to slavery” out of our constitution(s) — States & U.S. This loophole, as it were, has turned the prison system into a profit making industry and most importantly, has kept POC (predominantly) imprisoned in perpetuity often for crimes like marijuana use or for crimes commited by others (ie, no DNA test, that doesn’t get sorted out for years); We need to take a good hard look at police use of force policies. Actually, the list is endless.

Again, please rest, and then return to educate us. we need to stop saying things like, “I’m a good person, I’m not racist”, and then do nothing.

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