Republicans Aren’t Talking About The Biggest Contributor To Rising Health Care Costs
Caroline O.

Healthcare needs to be separated from politics, imo. For one, knowledgeable decisions just don’t get made within that context. Now we hear Republicans are delaying a vote on their plan, with a “weekend” session to make some tweaks…that is darkly laughable.

As a personal request, it would make me really happy (and be more accurate) if distinctions were made between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes…they have different etiologies not to mention saying diabetes is preventable in such a broad and general way is false, and omits genetic factors. As a Type 1, my life is dependent on exogenous insulin, with affordable access to it being threatened each time healthcare is toyed with by politicians. My sincere belief is that it is past time for this country to embrace an expanded Medicare for all system, as reflected in HR-676. For far too many of us, death lurks and feels far too close with every ignorant proposal that comes out of the Congress.

This is not to say, your article doesn’t have extremely important information in it, and I thank you for that!

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