Lorraine, I have not examined the details of that specific bill.
Joe Flower

HR-676 is an improved and expanded Medicare for ALL system. It would cost less than what is being paid now…cradle to grave. Of course, insurance companies balk at it, but 1) they can find other things to insure, one being those things not included in the basic benefits (e.g., cosmetic procedures); 2) Those working in that industry, get a 2- year commitment for job training or first in line for new jobs in this system; 3) as a single payer type system it would have the right to negotiate pricing…for us to pay more for things made in this country than in others is obscene; 4) Really encourage you to look at it…very straightforwardly written; and 5), as a gee whiz comment Veterans can use it or go to VA. Thanks for responding….as you are probably aware, Bernie is putting out a plan, but it calls for a public option…which has proven unworkable…only the sickest opt in, and then it proceeds straight to bankruptcy.

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