I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

Irregardless of voting results and analyses, we have state sanctioned discrimination based on race. The data is more than clear on that. We also need to remember that Clinton won the popular vote while the electoral college elected Trump. We also had very low turn out and black (non)-voters were included in those low numbers. The real issue is not related to the voters but the system itself. Where we put our time and energy needs be with that system…or more importantly, what system can we create to counteract the one we have now. Changing people’s minds must have a willing audience. Minds we need to change are the policy makers themselves. My 2 cents.

Read a study, that I can no longer find, with a data set in the thousands. A variety of questions were posed about what influenced people to vote for right wing (even fascist) candidates. The study was done overseas in a variety of countries who ended up with environments we are getting a taste of in much greater degree than we have been willing to acknowledge for too many years. The #1 reason for voting such candidates was strict anti-immigration laws. A comment was made that our current President used their playbook to win the election. Something is afoot worldwide that we may or may not survive.

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