What Medical Science Can and Can’t Do
Dionysus Powell

Thank you. Good stuff here. I am not a scientist, first and foremost. At the age of 62 (64 now) was hospitalized and diagnosed with T1 diabetes. The only thing known is there is a genetic factor involved. Would love for science to get past that one piece of knowledge. If you know those who are working on that question, would love their names, so that I can follow along.

The T2 research and advice always goes to diet and exercise as solutions (not criticizing, it’s true). When I am experiencing high BG’s, I feel famished and want to eat more. Is it possible that the T2's are already into a disease that is causing the obesity due to the constant feeling of hunger. My 2 cents.

Am ever grateful for getting approved for a pump (a purple one…my favorite color..haha), because my management is much better than with needles. Although I am naturally thin, and have always been fit, upon hospitalization was at 100#, 600 bg’s, A1C 10, muscle “eaten away”.

Finally, my favorite research is going on in Canada, and involves using islet cells, inserting them into a pouch (which has been pre-inserted in the body so that the body learns not to go into “attack mode”; after that the islet cells are put in the pouch and a simple in-office procedure is used to re-insert …. Told you, not a scientist). The company’s name is Sernova, and they have uses, other than diabetes that are planned.

Again, thank you.