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Thank you so much for taking the time to summarize the ADA conference. You may or may not know that the ADA hasn’t always been very good about keeping up to date on diabetes management and research. Many of us are more likely to turn to JDRF, individual researchers and scientists, each other, etc.

What I think is needed for public understanding is a push for journalists and politicians to understand some distinctions between T1 and T2. There is a tendency for writers to say things like Diabetes is preventable without understanding the differences in etiologies, genetic factors, and so forth. Some of us even talk about T2 and obesity and what came first? Chicken and egg discourse. Even my personal experience is that when my sugars are high, my mind and body say EAT EAT EAT and interestingly it is rarely a desire for healthy food (my primary diet)! Of course, the mind can re-direct once aware, however, until I receive a response from someone about whether science investigates this chicken-egg first conversation, will always have doubts about T2 being the “fault” of the individual who experiences it. My 2 cents.

Really appreciate your writing, and will always read your stuff. Please don’t stop :0)

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