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Gerard Mclean

“The Trouble with Poetry”

The trouble with poetry, I realized

as I walked along a beach one night —

cold Florida sand under my bare feet,

a show of stars in the sky —

the trouble with poetry is

that it encourages the writing of more poetry,

more guppies crowding the fish tank,

more baby rabbits

hopping out of their mothers into the dewy grass.

And how will it ever end?

unless the day finally arrives

when we have compared everything in the world

to everything else in the world,

and there is nothing left to do

but quietly close our notebooks

and sit with our hands folded on our desks.

Poetry fills me with joy

and I rise like a feather in the wind.

Poetry fills me with sorrow

and I sink like a chain flung from a bridge.

But mostly poetry fills me

with the urge to write poetry,”

Excerpt From: Collins, Billy. “The Trouble with Poetry.” Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2009–04–08. iBooks.

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