Should I Have Kids?
Amy Cao Smith

I married at 34, and had my children late. The first was when I was 37, and my 2nd at 40. My marriage ended when I was 43 (he too remarried within a year of our separation). I sold my car, went back to grad school, and became both a single parent, full-time student, and part-time consultant. Fun Times! Do I regret it? NO, but I wish I had not waited so long. (Having a baby at 40 is not really a big deal, having a lively 10 year-old at 50 is exhausting!) I am now 68, my daughter is 30 and married, my son 28 and unemployed, living with Mom. I remarried, but my (now 2nd ex) husband was not a great stepfather. I second the opinion that you do it if YOU want to, you cannot rely on anyone else to help, and the later you leave it, the older you will be when they leave the nest — if ever — LOL!

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