Reflections of a So-Called Career Path
Lisa Manting

Wow Lisa, this piece really struck a chord with me because I just left my safe, great paying and insurance giving corporate gig even though I am now mid 50s and my first kid will head to college in two years. I’d like to tell you that this self questioning ends, but it never really does- and may in fact increase as you age. I just think that we all were born with an innate purpose- and that if you are lucky enough to find it — even just parts of it in a job you like, or glimpses of it in a far off aspiration, then that’s the road to take. We all do have a “calling”- but that calling is hard to hear amongst the other stuff that is always SO FREEKING LOUD: emotional expectations, financial realities, etc. You have incredible discipline. I can see it in this story and in your running training. That is an amazing gift and skill and so valuable in any endeavor. (I always personally say that I am not more talented than others, just more committed to being talented, LOL). I am more than sure you will figure it all out. Really glad you are writing- because I think you are also awesome at that.

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