Don’t Let Age be a “Thing”

“71 is no closer to death than 21” (that’s an original #lorrism)

Do not let age be a “thing” that stops you from living full out, in ALL areas of life…we have never been promised tomorrow.

I have been on a bit of a streak with this age thing, only because I meet people EVERY week who are using their age as a crutch to keep them from doing, using [tools], achieving…and it makes me sad.

Social media is no different. I wish people would stop being so afraid of it and start simply sharing, connecting and getting to know people. That right there is the best marketing advice you’ll get all day.

So many use age as simply an excuse…”I’m afraid” or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I don’t have the resources” or “I don’t know how”. I talk to people every week who use their AGE as a stumbling, even HALTING block for NOT using social media marketing to further their home based businesses, careers, passions and hobbies.

No longer does I DON’T KNOW HOW apply. There’s this thing called THE INTERNET and if you haven’t heard of it you’re living under a rock. Every answer you could possibly need is there. If you don’t understand the answer you’re given, then you NEED ME.

Every time I tell a group of 50+ers that I’m just like them and use social media every day to further myself and help further my clients they have a hard time believing me. I have even been asked to prove it! I don’t say this to boast the fact that I am very lucky and blessed with good genetics, I say this because I AM JUST LIKE YOU. Social media is NOT going away. If you want to participate in the present day I suggest you contact me to HELP YOU SUCCEED with social media.

Please…share this with someone who you KNOW needs to see it.

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