My dorm room desk.

Dear Diary - Part 0

Hello World! (10/23/2016 – 10/29/2016)

Hello Medium community! I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and I have been learning new things every day about myself and about the world. One of the things that I’ve discovered about myself is that I am not very good at writing and communicating. These are important skills to have in life, especially in the professional world. So, as a way to improve on my weaknesses, I will be writing on Medium every Sunday detailing my life experiences for the past week.

Dear Diary will serve as a series of blog posts where I write about myself, technology, design, weekly accomplishments, and the challenges I face as a University Student. This post is an intro to the series so let me tell you a bit about myself:


My name is Loryn Chen and I am studying Graphic Design at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). GO RETRIEVERS! I love applying design principles that I’ve learned from school to create beautiful brands and build useful products. My passions lie in the field of design and front-end development. I regularly attend Hackathons here on the east coast where I like to meet new people that share the same passions as I do. The amount of amazing and diverse students you meet at these events is unbelievable! As for my employment status, I am currently working at my design agency Pixity, where we design Snapchat Geofilters for people. Who doesn’t love to see cool graphics on their Snapchats!

Now that you know a bit about myself,

you can understand my perspective and know where I come from, for my upcoming blog posts. I hope you find this series to be insightful, enjoyable, and even inspirational to those that are just readers and not writers. Maybe this will push you to start your own Dear Diary here on Medium one day!

As I said before, I am writing to improve on, …well, my writing. It’s not very strong right now so any critical feedback on ways I can enhance my literature would be amazing! Comment away but please be nice.