Up Periscope

It’s not about the idea itself, but when you start to work with.

Almost one year ago my friend and I had a great Idea. I couldn’t wait to show it to all my friends and knowing what they thought about! It was exciting, but not enough to find someone who would start to work with. I’m just a Designer, I couldn’t write any line of code, so I decided to leave the simplest idea of “Lookapp” .

I know the name is weird, not original at all I’d never liked that, but this is what my tired mind suggested me just in one night design process. However, the idea itself is exactly the same of @periscope by Twitter. No more, no less.. just the same.

I learnt the teaching many times over, so I’m not sorry about that. I’m so enthusiastic to see how it works and I use it many times over.

From my personal website: www.alongiandrea.com
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