Eysian Park for Diverse and Fascinating Outdoor Activities

Elysian Park with its 600 acres is the second largest park in Los Angeles. It is located in the neighborhood of Central Los Angeles and encompasses Chavez Ravine. The park traces its beginnings to 1886 which makes it the oldest park in this city. The park has hosted significant events in its long history; one such event was the shooting of modern pentathlon for the Summer Olympics of 1932.

Over the years the park has become a favorite leisure facility in Los Angeles. The generous space and varying landscape has made it a place of choice for many who love outdoors enthusiasts. Let’s sample a few aspects of this park that make such a delight to fans of outdoor activities.

More precisely, the park has been described as a hikers’ paradise; and for good reasons. Angel’s point for instance is a 2.8 mile journey through the northern section of this park. The route which takes you through a park just next to Dodger stadium has surprisingly rugged single-truck and nicely paved dirt paths that take you through the actual Elysian Park. The route passes through numerous amenities such as the Los Angeles Police Academy, soccer fields and ends up at the public art overlook right at Angel’s Point. The route is perfect for a little hike. A hiker, runner or biker who needs to gain an elevation of close to 500meters has a good location for this activity in this park.

This park offers a spectacular view for sunsets and Los Angeles’ city landscape. A big plus about this park is that the paths are well kept and have no potholes. This is very convenient for bikers as well as runners. Pets are allowed into the park thus you will see people walking their dogs and other pets in the park. Despite the park being quite busy it still is a quiet and serene.

Other than hiking the park is superb for running, and biking. Carob tree Grove Picnic area is an excellent place for family picnics. Elysian park has many other attractions that include: Bishop Canyon baseball fields, Avenue of the Palms which is great for picnics, Chavez Ravine Arboretum, Fichus tree Picnic area, Buena Vista Meadow, Portola Trail Historical Monument, and Victory Memorial Grove among others.

Unlike many such leisure facilities, Elysian Park is unlocked and un-staffed; it is open from as early as 5am to 6pm. With its diverse opportunities for leisure activities, this park offers a great place to visit in Los Angeles.

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