#1. Start loving yourself.

Love is a gift. The greatest gift of all. It reigns over wealth and lust. Without love there’s no wealth and lust is just a bowl of warm melted ice cream or better yet — sorbet; melted, lukewarm, sour, sticky sorbet.

Without love words lose definition.

I was so good at hating myself. Every thing about myself. Specifically my body. I have FINALLY recognized this wasted time. I have been filled with love that is not easily explained by words. Which is thrilling. It’s easier described in dance, but many people might take this dancing as sexual or a performance for the eyes. I’ve discovered dancing, yoga and biking as my way of expressing love, feeling love and being light, joyful and thankful for all this love God has allowed me to have. THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT. I could drown in it. It’d be like drowning in juice or cotton candy.

So close your eyes and be thankful. Smile and remember, you live in a world with a shining sun and around millions and millions of people who have the ability to smile.