Top 10 Meals of 2017

The past year we were blessed enough to eat meals all around Atlanta, and all around the world. We had lots of amazing food, but here’s our top eight in no particular order:

Scrambled Eggs with Cold Smoked Trout — Bread and Butterfly

Bread & Butterfly — Inman Park

Bread & Butterfly quickly became our favorite Atlanta brunch spot, and the scrambled eggs with cold smoked trout was a big reason. Fluffy brioche toast topped with fluffy eggs and fresh trout are topped with capers and crème fraîche. Combine this with a pancake for two, and you’ve got one amazing brunch.

Lobster Roll — Bocado

Bocado–West Midtown

Topping our Atlanta sandwich list was this delicious lobster roll from Bocado. Super fresh lobster and amazing tomato bisque cemented its place on our overall list for the year.

Everything we ate at Rōnin

Rōnin–Hong Kong
Rōnin–Hong Kong

One of the highlights of our 2017 was our trip to Hong Kong where we had the pleasure of eating at our friend Lindsay Jang’s restaurant, Rōnin. We started with the assorted sashimi and were immediately blown away. The swordfish in particular made this a standout.

Rōnin–Hong Kong

Also on the menu was this amazing flower crab dish, Kumamoto oyster with green apple, and great highball drinks.

Trout dish — Staplehouse

Staplehouse — Old 4th Ward

The most exclusive restaurant in Atlanta during 2017 was Staplehouse. All reservations have to be made a month in advance and all spots fill up in minutes. But we finally got in just in time for our six month wedding anniversary. There’s a lot of cool dishes, but this trout was our favorite.

Charred Octopus — Bar Mut

Bar Mut — Barcelona

One of the best dining experiences from our honeymoon was a custom menu dinner at Bar Mut in Barcelona, Spain. We let our waiter select the courses, and the final dish was this charred octopus. Definitely the best we’ve had.

Duck Rice Bowl — Bar Taco

Bar Taco–West Midtown

Our hometown favorite is Bar Taco. Not a ton of bells and whistles, but it’s in walking distance from our apartment, the menu is deep and the food is always on point. One thing we always get is the duck rice bowl, but we always ask the waiter to make the duck extra crispy. Pro Tip: Always ask for the secret taco. It changes every month, but its a good way to experience some off-the-menu goodness.

Tapa Sandwiches at Quimet y Quimet

Quimet y Quimet — Barcelona

Another favorite spot from our honeymoon was this tiny vermouth bar called Quimet and Quimet. Almost hidden in the El Poble-sec neighborhood of Barcelona, you would easily walk by this little storefront. But every list we read had this near the top. And when we finally made it in, we immediately knew why. These sandwiches are small, but they are packed with flavor. For example, the truffle honey drizzled salmon with yogurt has so many different flavors that all work together beautifully. The fact that it’s standing room only adds to its mystique, and the vermouth selection made us huge fans of vermouth.

The Meat Stack–One Eared Stag

We’ve long been told that this is the best burger in Atlanta, and we had to see it to believe it. While it might not be the absolute best, the fact that they infuse their patties with ground bacon makes this one stand out from the pack.