Please don't hate me

Dear child
Please don't hate me

As I press my ear against your mother's tummy, I hear a faint sound 
I feel you kicking 
You're probably enjoying it inside there

Please don't hate me

We had quarreled severally about bringing you into this world
Your mother and I 
We had an agreement you see
About bringing you into this world
We wouldn't 
That was the consensus
But her family has disagreed quite vehemently 
We were already married when my wife told her family about our decision 
Even though I had asked her to tell them beforehand 
Her mother became angry with me
She even claimed that I had cast a spell on her daughter 
That her daughter would never agree to such
We were in love and wanted each other you see

Her father called me 
Displeased he also was
He asked me what my family felt 
I had told them a long while ago 
Albeit they were unhappy
They were glad I was happy
That I had found someone that I loved & that loved me in return 
They understood my reasons although they didn't agree with them 
My wife - your mother - backtracked and rescinded her decision 
She then came to me again pleading and finding faults in my reasons 
She said I was being pessimistic and should give it a try

Please don't hate me

How could I bring a child into this evil world with evil people? 
This dilapidating world
Full of fear, wickedness, hatred and animosity 
A world where we are judged because of the colour of our skin 
Where we are divided along religious, tribal and political lines 
I don’t want you to live in a world where help will not be rendered to you because you don’t speak the same language as the one supposed to help you
I don’t want you to be lost and unable to ask for directions for fear that you’ll be lead to your doom
I don’t want you to live in fear because a country with nuclear bombs threatens your home 
I’d rather you weren’t born than face the injustice of this world 
I’d rather you weren’t born than for sickness to take you away 
How would I keep you from negative peer pressure, drugs and the temptation of immorality and alcohol? 
How would I keep you from the corruption of this world?

Please don't hate me

I've been lulled in
Your mother has pleaded
How could I refuse her tears? 
I love her so
We'll do our best, we'll be the best parents we can be and God will do the rest she says
Our families jubilated when they found out she was pregnant 
Just one I said

Now I must ask for your forgiveness because I'm only human and can do so little 
Forgive me for it all
Forgive me for your bad choices 
Forgive me for your bad experiences 
Forgive me for those that may try to harm you. 
Forgive me for those that will hate you 
Forgive me for those that will not help you 
Blame it all on me

Although I must say that a new soldier, fierce, has been born in me, for I will love and protect you the best I can by His help

With a few days to your introduction to this world 
Please forgive me and

Please don't hate me.