My First Paranormal Experience

This is what my Ouija Board looked like in 1992

One of the first paranormal experiences I ever had occurred when I was 11 years old. Sounds cliché? Well, it probably is considering everything that happened. As a young boy who questioned everything and anything, I was drawn to spirits immediately. I had just recently moved into an old house, and found that there were some parts of the house that felt different. I couldn’t explain it, only that I did not feel comfortable being in certain rooms or certain parts of the house. I was unaware of what paranormal activity was, so everything that I was experiencing was new. I brought up what I was feeling to my closest cousins, and they recommended we get a Ouija/spirit board. I had no clue what this was, so she explained that it was a way to communicate with spirits who may be around. I found it interesting nonetheless, and decided that I should get one. Of course, at that age I didn’t have money, so my two cousins and I put our limited money together and went to buy the spirit board. The only place that sold it was Toys R’ Us, so we asked my mom to take us over there. Yes, Toys R’ Us sold spirit boards in the 1990s.

After we came back from the toy store, we immediately went to my room and began experimenting with the Ouija board. Once again, the cliché is heavy but it all happened in this sequence. It was dusk, and we wanted to really experience something. I closed my bedroom door to avoid any interruptions. We gathered a few flashlights and turned off the light in my room. I wanted to use candles, but there were never any in my house so that idea was voided. We setup the board in the middle of the room, put some flashlights facing the board, and sat down. We placed our fingers on the planchette (moving piece), and just waited for any type of response. Nothing was happening at first, especially since we didn’t ask any questions. We just waited to see what happened. One of my cousins decided to ask the first question, and we immediately received a response. The planchette began going in different sections of the board, and hovering over letters. I’m assuming some message was being spelled out, but we didn’t pay attention to that. We paid more attention to that fact that the planchette was moving, without us putting any pressure on it. After a few minutes of activity, we decided to stop contacting whatever we communicated with, and put the board away.

As we were gathering ourselves, I went across my room to turn the light on. The light switch was not working. It didn’t matter how many times I flicked the switch up and down, there was no electricity coming through. I knew we had power in the house, because I could see the hallway light through the crack underneath the door. My cousins and I looked at each other in disbelief, and got freaked out. In an instance, the temperature in my room dropped. The chill in the air was intense! We still couldn’t believe if what was happening was real or not, so we decided to get out of my room. I went to open my door, and something was preventing it from opening it. The room seemed darker and colder by the minute. We were now freaked out beyond measure, and just wanted to bolt out of my room. After numerous attempts, the door finally opened and we ran for our lives. Of course, I was the last to leave my room and ran down the hallway towards the stairs. I felt a presence behind me, and did not want to look back out of fear. I ran down the staircase, and jumped halfway down to speed up my “escape”. I landed on my elbow, and almost broke my arm.

After that, I never played with the Ouija board again. Since my cousins and I invested our little money to buy the spirit board, I felt that throwing it away was a waste. I put it somewhere in my closet, and eventually threw it out once we moved out of that house. Although I never used it again, I kept experiencing different paranormal activity afterwards. Almost every night. I would hear footsteps outside my hallway in the middle of the night when the rest of my family was asleep. I would hear people, or spirits, pacing back and forth in the attic apartment above me. Sometimes I would even hear their voices and laughter. I would complain to my parents about these experiences, and at first, they didn’t believe me. It wasn’t until they experienced similar events that my claims were validated. Our family dog also contributed to my validity when she would bark at random facing certain parts of the home, or the time in which she woke us up growling at something at the bottom of the staircase. My parents finally acknowledged that we weren’t alone. Worse activity followed, but I’ll save that for a future post.

By using the Ouija board without any type of knowledge or protection, did I mistakenly open a portal? If that’s not the case, then was that spirit/energy already there to begin with, and just used my Ouija board session as an opportunity to introduce itself? These events happened more than 20 years ago so it’s too late to figure things out, but they sparked my curiosity into paranormal research.

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