Nehemiah 2:20

The God of Heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will rise and build, but you have no portion of right or claim in Jerusalem.

The City of Jerusalem had 10 gates during Nehemiah’s day. The gates were a cities most vulnerable place where enemies can try to attack. Primarily, the walls were developed as a defensive strategy from incoming threats (at the time bow and arrows).

The Roman strategy would be to camp outside the city and starve the place into submission. As you can imagine a city with no walls is quite vulnerable to say the least. (Fighting Techniques of the Ancient World pg. 180). Here were the names of each gate:

  1. Sheep Gate — is the very first gate mentioned. It’s called the Sheep gate because this was the gate which the sheep and lambs used in the sacrifice were brought through
  2. Fish Gate — this was the gate by which the fishermen of Galilee would bring their catch through this gate to be sold.
  3. Old Gate — Nehemiah is the only book in the Bible where is it called the Old Gate and it may be one of the original gates made
  4. Valley Gate — there are several valleys around Jerusalem, but this gate opened out to the valley of Himon
  5. Dung Gate — all of Jerusalem’s refuse and rubbish was taken out through the dung gate, down the valley of Himmon where it would be burned
  6. Fountain Gate — this gate is located near the pool of Siloah and was often used by the people for cleansing before proceeding to the temple.
  7. Water Gate — this gate led down to the Gihon spring which was located adjacent to the Kidron valley
  8. Horse Gate — this gate was close close to the King’s stables and the men of Jerusalem would ride their horses out of this gate to war. The horse was the animal of war in Near East times. As we know in Revelation, when Jesus returns he will be riding on his great horse a King returning to Israel.
  9. East Gate — a.k.a Golden Gate is located on the opposite side of the Mount of Olives. The Lord will return to this mount see Zechariah 14:4 (pictured above taken October 2015)
  10. Inspection Gate — a.k.a Miphkad gate or Muster gate. The word in Hebrew has a military connection. According to tradition it was at this gate David would meet his troops to inspect them.

Do you feel vulnerable?

As Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem we are reminded of our hope in Christ. God will send the right person who will show up and help us pick up the pieces of our broken lives. Our loving father knows what we need; he knows how to get our attention; our personalities and our weaknesses.

Things may seem hopeless, and your life may be in shambles, but if you call on the name Jesus Christ, (Jehovah Jireh) your provider and he will help.

Start today by calling on him, and believe he will answer.