It´s not better basketball that you´re selling them, it´s a better idea.
Angel Luis Mur Palmés

Dude, they still have a lot of cap space left. They’re not done yet. They’re going to do the same old Kings thing and fudge their way to 34 wins when they could be going super young, try to find diamonds on the minimum, spunk this year’s cap on washed one-year leadership dudes and get their pick in a draft that won’t be as deep as this past one. Who’s going to want George Hill at that price and both not have to fuck their roster to get him nor give contracts back to the Kings in the deal that won’t screw the Kings’ future cap? That’s an incredibly limited market. Why are we even talking about contingency plans in case they’re too good? Just play the young dudes straight away, get a great draft pick, and then you’ll have a much better idea ofwhat you have and you won’t have tied up your cap at all so you’ll be able to target what you need to compliment what you have whilst easily planning for picking up your own RFAs.

The Kings fans wouldn’t fucking walk away because of one season in which it was obvious that the Franchise were doing what they were doing to try and put down solid roots for a great future. If they were going to walk, they would have walked at some point during the whole decade when short-term moves made the Franchise a laughing-stock and the team miserable to watch.

I don’t think you’re giving their fans enough credit.

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