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Good to see a balanced viewpoint Kevin. As I just posted on the other Paul-trade article, we don’t give these guys enough credit. Painting them as dudes who want the ball and touches above all other sporting considerations is reductive. That hasn’t been Harden’s basketball identity basically his whole career so why’s that the narrative about him now? Maybe he’s sick of having had so much of the ball over the last couple of years. Maybe he’s sick of being so tired because of his exertions on offense that he’s become a living meme on D. Maybe he’s thinking about all of those juicy catch-and-shoots and easy cuts he’s going to get now with Paul orchestrating things up top with Capela as his roll-man. Maybe Harden thinks that this trade is going to make him twice as efficient now and will help save his legs in future, giving him a longer prime.

Maybe Paul’s just relieved to be on a roster where all the parts fit and he won’t be such a grumpy fucker on a court where the offense flows naturally.

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