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Good work Paolo, hope you earn your Ringer stripes soon and can drop the Intern tag.

Every time I think about these Playoffs, one thought always ends up bubbling up to the surface: why the fuck did Bogut have to go down? I’ve still got the Dubs down as heavy-favourites, despite saying all season that everyone had gone crazy with the criticism of the Cavs and of course they were going to run through the East again. The Dubs have just got too many ways to kill you, despite LeBron’s utter brilliance in leading this, if anything, underrated Cavs’ roster. Now obviously Bogut’s nowhere near what he was, but he’d give the Cavs another big body, a different way to play, a sorely needed defensive mind, and another guy with fouls to give who can put the hurt on KD and co. It upsets me to think of all the filthy screens we’re not going to see from Bogut playing in full Fuck You mode. I think the only chance the Cavs have got is if they can wear the Dubs down, physically and mentally, leaning on them at every opportunity, like a heavyweight boxer against an undersized opponent. Bogut would have been perfect for that.