Suns, but by design, in order to allow young core to gel while still accumulating lotto talent…

I dunno, they get a vet to help the young guys, who’d also help space the floor and give their young dudes a little more space to work in, and they’d virtually guarantee themselves another high draft pick, which, frankly, I think a team like Phoenix needs to keep on trying to hit until it’s convinced it’s got a core to go forward with or enough pieces to both swing a trade and not ruin their future.

I kinda like this trade more now: Cavs get Dragic and Middleton; Miami gets Kyrie and Frye; Bucks get Winslow and Adebayo. Miami send a lottery-protected 2023 first to the Cavs. Those two’d probably be a better fit next to LeBron and would be easy to move for decent picks should LeBron leave and the Cavs decide to blow it up. Bucks get younger, rookie-scale talent, save a fuckload on luxury take, get a trade exception, and position themselves to make a move. Miami get Kyrie and become a serious hotspot in FA.

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