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I think LeBron’s got this wrong. The regular season doesn’t matter for the Cavs. Even if they were to lose the top seed in the East that shouldn’t matter. If they’re healthy they should come out of the East without expending any/much more effort than whomever they end up meeting in the Finals. And it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to have a better record than whomever it is they end up meeting in the finals. Top seed in the East is near-on meaningless to them, and could even end up getting them a series against the Bucks, which is the worst possible - or rather, most unnecessarily tiring - potential match-up I can see them realistically getting in the first-round.

They should be doing just enough to get by from now until the end of the season. No more. They need to get Kyle Korver reps in their schemes, and above all avoid fatiguing their stars. This roster has enough Playoff reps, stars, and one of the, if not the, greatest on-court leaders in NBA history; they should be able to flick the switch against the East and play themselves into form for the Finals.

Their final roster move should be all about bodying-up against the Warriors. They should be looking for a solid 3-and-D guy or highly switchable big that’d allow them to harry and hit the Warriors - particularly Steph - all game without having to worry about foul troubles or fatigue. LeBron and Kyrie’s enough to take ball-handling duties in the Playoffs, while there’s little point in using this roster-spot as Kyrie-insurance. If Kyrie’s down you’re not beating the KD-Warriors with a back-up PG in his place.

You gotta bet big to give yourself the best chance against this historically great Dubs’ roster. And betting always involves risk.