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I’d offer Isaiah, Crowder, and one or two lesser draft/stashed dudes for Jimmy Butler. Boston’s going to have to start paying dudes soon so they should get value for their best playing assets while they still can. They now have the rights to a seemingly sure-thing PG on a rookie-scale. They have Rozier and other young guards who can take up the slack from Fultz when he gets tired. Why not cash-in on Isaiah now while his stock’s never been higher? After all, the rest of the league is not going to let a tiny guard dominate forever.

It’s almost impossible to build a genuine challenger to both LeBron and the Dubs around massive Horford and Thomas contracts. Butler and Horford, with Fultz, Bradley, Smart, Brown, Rozier, and a half-decent big man might make things interesting. Add Hayward and you’ve not only got a genuine contender next season, but should do so for years ahead.

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