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If Utah know that Hayward’s leaving they should be on the phone to the Spurs about a sign and trade, because they’re the only likely Hayward destination I can see that’d need their help to sign Hayward so that they don’t wreck their cap/roster. Utah want Rubio if Hayward and Hill go, so you get Minny involved. Now, yesterday I posited Aldridge to Minny, Rubio and Aldrich to Utah, and Hayward to the Spurs, with a handful of lesser picks going to Utah for making Conference rivals better and swallowing Aldrich’s expiring.

That didn’t go down well.

What about though Murray, Green, and Parker to Minny, Rubio to Utah, and Hayward to the Spurs? Straight up. The Wolves get an interesting young PG who’d be a good fit next to their ball-dominant wings; they could either try to bed Murray in this year at PG or decide to make Butler the de facto lead PG for now flanked by two very different scoring threats in Wiggins and Green. That could be a killer defensive unit too. Then they either waive/stretch/trade Parker if they think that they can make a push this year or let him ride out his injury and contract and see what he’s got left to help. If they were to cut him there’d be nothing to stop them going after Hill in FA. If they really wanted to make further cap room this year they could offer Utah a couple of seconds as part of the deal for swallowing an unwanted contract like Aldrich’s. Utah get the guard they wanted to help them in their post-Hayward and Hill world and a large trade exception for nothing. The Spurs lock down their second perfect Spurs star in Hayward and still have a move to make with Aldridge on their books.

Who says no? And if Utah fans tell me no then there’s that saying about faces, noses, and spite.

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