It was deemed a good thing not to spoil the show because ratings would be higher if non-book…
Robert Davidson

I’m not going to comment on what you’ve said because I find it incredibly silly. Just answer me this: why not just have a spoiler warning at the top of the page as a courtesy to the many people who do deliberately avoid Game of Thrones spoilers? I didn’t know Gendry was definitely coming back until I read it in a Ringer article a couple of weeks ago and I’ve read all the books, watched the season four times over in different languages, and have seen all of Alt Shift X’s excellent output on the show on youtube. I just don’t read shit papers or magazines, ever read twitter, or discuss the show with people who do read those sorts of things and would be likely to begin conversations with spoilers.

How about this: if you’re going to include even semi-important spoilers in an article - and, hey, us core GOT fans have only been speculating about Gendry’s fate for years - begin that article with a spoiler warning. That’s extremely well-established, common decency when posting on the internet. What the fuck are you even arguing about?

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