We worship Ronaldo, Do we?
Angel Luis Mur Palmés

It wasn’t intended as a slight. I know that Ronaldo got whistled not too long ago at the Bernabeu. As did Zidane if I remember correctly. The Bernabeu’s fickle. Ronaldo is treated as though he were a living god by the Madrid papers though and those papers are rather popular so some Madrid fans must be pretty big fans of the guy. I can’t get past his colossal ego myself, but there’s no denying that his ability to make himself into a brutally effective player is impressive.

I don’t think I have anything to add to what I wrote before, other than to say that I don’t mean that Madrid are old now, but run the risk of stumbling into a situation where they have an aging squad in a few years that’s largely built to serve one veteran rather than a well-rounded squad that’s built to serve the present and the future. Oh, and that if I were a Milan fan I’d secretly be hoping that Milan get a huge bid for Donnarumma this summer rather than risk getting nothing for him next year; I’d be worried that Berlusconi’s sold them a dud of an owner who’s not spending his own money on the club.

Thanks for the reply anyway. You seem like a nice, reasonable guy, which one should never take for granted on the internet. All the best to you man.

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