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It’d have been more fun for the rest of us had he gone to the Heat, but good for Boston. This is the move that they really needed this summer. We can lambast Ainge all we like for not getting Butler or George, but I’d bet everything I have that both the Bulls and the Pacers were asking a fuckload more from Boston than Minny and OKC gave up to get them: to allow those guys to win in the East and to make sure that nobody could say that Ainge and the Celtics won the deal. At some point Ainge has to say ‘no’ and I think he was right to do that if the Bulls and the Pacers were asking for the Celtics’ future to let Boston compete in the KDubs’ present.

The Celtics have kept the momentum of the Franchise going whilst not fucking up its future. I think they’re making a mistake if they plan to give Isaiah more than three years at the max - two years really - and would probably have traded him and kept Fultz, but the most important thing is that they’ve kept all their options open and can now go a number of ways depending on what this season throws up. For all the whining anxiety from the fans, Ainge has put them in an amazing position.

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