Because he’s past his prime (judging from the playoffs way past his prime), he’s not an outside…
Mike Wilcox

Lol. He’s got two years left on his contract and it’s not huge by current max standards. If you wanted you could put Aldrich’s expiring into the deal instead along with Rubio. Those two contracts alone equals LaMarcus’s deal. And with Pekovic off the books the Wolves would have more than enough cap space to nab the sort of PG who doesn’t demand too much of the ball on a team full of non-PGs who want the ball.

The guy’s just about to turn 32. It’d be foolhardy in the extreme to decide that he’s not worth a couple of second-round picks and a PG the organization doesn’t even want based one average Playoffs. That dude could be an absolute killer for the Wolves; destroying second units and being a go-to guy on back-to-backs and when the young guys are having an off-night. Not every big guy has to have an outside shot, although if a team wanted him to take more shots out there I’m absolutely certain that he could get up to at least league average, much as Marc Gasol and Brook Lopez have recently.

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