Unless you’re able to always out score your opponents, you can’t win when your team relies on a…
Joe Crystal

This is predicated on Melo refusing to budge. If that happens then New York aren’t winning a title while he’s there nor for a long time afterwards because Porzingis is not going to stay with a franchise that’s retarded his development for years. He might not even turn into a superstar in his time in New York if an unholy combination of Melo’s refusal to leave and Phil’s big ideas stop him from getting the touches he needs to develop. And Melo’s repeatedly made it clear that he doesn’t want to play PF.

I’m not saying that the Knicks would win with a CP3, Melo, and Love core. Hardly anyone does ever win. But they might have a chance if the Dubs implode or get injured. And it’d make MSG fun again for the first time in forever. A lot more fun than miserable Meloball for years before KP inevitably eventually walks. His contract’s very much on the clock because of the insanity of that franchise and Knicks fans don’t seem to realize that.

A good coach would make Love into a superstar again when he’s given the chance to be a star rather than the third part. Chris Paul would make Kevin Love into a superstar again. A good coach would work-out a way to use amazing talent. A good GM might trade down in the draft for Portland’s two picks and select cheap defensive projects who’re ready to fill gaps.

The road map to a KP-led Knicks contending is full of thorns and seems extremely unlikely if Melo’s not for budging . Paul, Melo, and Love is a superteam and the Knicks have the picks that they can leverage, one way or another, into a well-rounded roster which compliments the undoubted gifts of their core. I trust Phil to be able to execute the latter path. I have no faith that the Knicks will be able to pull-off the former.

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