On Decentralizing Technology

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There’s a joke that goes like this:

Two guys are sitting at a bar. Guy One asks Guy Two, “If a man from three hundred years ago was suddenly teleported to right here, right now in front of us, what is the one thing you would tell him that would completely blow his mind?”

Guy Two thinks for a little bit before giving his answer, “I would pull out my phone and tell him that the majority of humans around the world have a device that gives me immediate access to all the known knowledge and history of mankind, a device that lets them communicate instantly to nearly anyone else anywhere on the planet, a device that fits inside my pocket and that I keep within arms reach every moment of every day of my…

…In one sentence or less

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Photo by Olga Serjantu on Unsplash

You’re on vacation, but it’s a downpour of rain outside.

Just your luck. What was supposed to be a relaxing morning enjoying the outdoors is now a…well, what now? Your fellow vacationers are content to stay in, but you didn’t spend the past year of financial discipline saving up your trip fund just to sit around.

Looking for something to do, you find an art museum downtown. Sure, why not? Not normally your thing, but traveling is about trying new things, right?

You warm up and dry off wandering through the wide halls of the pristine museum. There’s just…so much art here. …

A Shorter Story

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Photo by Liam Brodentel

Long ago, there was a fisherman in Shanghai who never went to sea without a full bottle of wine. Whenever the wine ran empty, he rowed to shore, no matter how many or how few fish he caught.

Most days, he never caught a thing.

Each morning, he departed a fisherman with focus. But, as the sun got higher, the bottle got lighter, until his eyes would rest on the village across the waves and his mind would drift to the lives of the people within. Each evening, he returned a philosopher unnoticed.

One day, he stopped thinking of fish altogether and found himself drifting aimlessly on the water. …


Liam Brodentel

Stories, research, travel, booze, not always in that order. Research writer and data analyst for hire at www.lostballooncafe.com

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