Roblox The Online Multiplayer Game Creation Platform

Steven C Davis
Nov 1, 2018 · 15 min read

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is an entertainment platform. That allows people to imagine, create and play together across million of user created virtual worlds. Whoever plays that online multiplayer game they already know what Roblox really is.

And if you are one of them then you also stay on article. Because in this article I am going to tell you a lot of things that you do not know about Roblox. And if you are new on Roblox and still do not know what that is?

Then I will give you a little intro about Roblox. So, that will make you understand all article and things easily. In easy words I will tell you that Roblox is like a getting new spare life. In that life you can fulfill your every single dream, like as if you want to be a super hero or want to own a bar or want to be a dancer.

But you can not do it in your real life so Roblox platform is only for you. You will get a lot of themes in the game and better part of this game is that it is online multiplayer game you will meet other real players from all over the world. Then, you will not be playing with bot.


You can design your own home like as you want. Also, you can make your avatar stylish as you want. You can live another spare life in Roblox. And that’s why Roblox is getting most popular day by day. And if you do not have any internet connection.

Then still you will be able to play this awesome game because now this comes with single player mode also. Where you will be able to play with CPU or bot as well. The best part of that game is that you can play this game on any platform like as if you have pc, Xbox, or smart phone.

This game is available for almost every single platform. So that was all little details about Roblox now let’s cover another best point of Roblox to make you understand more easily.

What Is Robux? How To Earn It For Free?

Robux is the currency you will get in the game and in this point, I will tell you what can you do with Robux and how can you earn it for free. Like as in our real lives we need currency to buy any thing whether it is toy or food or any technology related thing.

Same as that we need Robux in the Roblox to buy things or making our avatar stylish like as I told you before you can dress him up like as you want. You need Robux to build house or design your house easily.

It seems so easy to spend Robux on anything but it is hard as hell to earn Robux specially when you do not want to spend real dollars to buy Robux. So, I will tell you three legit ways to earn Robux for free.

These methods are tested by me and they are working and there is no risk of account getting ban because they are official ways to earn.

1) Earn Robux With Cloths

Like I said you can use cloths to make your character look cool and you can even earn Robux with cloths you want to know how?

If you keep buying cloths you will store tons of cloths and you will use three to five cloths max and other will be useless so you can sell your cloths to get Robux instantly in few seconds.

You will not get full payment but you will get half of the cloth price like as if you bought the dress in 5 Robux you will get 3 or 2 Robux after selling it. So, keep selling and keep earning.

2) Earn Robux With Tasks

You will get a lot of tasks to do in the Roblox if you keep completing them you can easily earn Robux for free and instantly plus your exp level will increase. Not every but many of their tasks will give you Robux for completing them. It is not that easy but still better option than spending real money to buy Robux.

3) Earn Robux With Legit Online Tool

There are a lot of online tools that promises you to give you real Robux and for free. But 90% of them are fake they just tell you to verify you by downloading few apps which are their advertiser’s apps and they get money to give them a download.

So, I will tell you a way how to find an online tool working. If any tool asking you to verify by downloading app then they are fake I bet they are not going to work. And if any tool asking verification by captcha.

Then I bet they will work 100% so choose a tool which asks for captcha not for downloading apps. You will also read comments in below that it is working. But they are fake do not believe until it asks for captcha.

4) Earn Robux With Builders Club

Players who have purchase builder club, even it is turbo builders club or outrageous builder club they will also receive Robux per day.

Turbo builders club will give you 15 Robux per day while outrageous builder club will give you 60 Robux per day. You do not have to do anything else just buy a builder’s club to earn Robux for free without doing anything.

5) Group Earning

That is same way to earn like as selling stuff but different thing in it is the amount you earn by selling will be deposit in to group vault which will can be distributed among all members.

So, These Three Were Legit And Working Ways To Earn Robux For Free. And These Are Even Risk Free You Can Use Them Any Time You Will Never Get Banned. Only Hacks Or Patch Ups Will Make You Get Banned.

Few Most Asked Questions, Like As-

1) How Much Robux In 1 Dollar-

The most asked question was how much Robux I will get in 1 dollar. So current price is 40 Robux in 0.49 dollars and you will get 80 Robux in 0.99 dollar.

So, you will get 80 plus 10 Robux as a bonus (ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU BUY THEM FROM ROBLOX WINDOWS OR MOBILE APP) so you will get 90 Robux in 1 dollar which is pretty fair price.

You can get some stuff in ninety Robux for sure. If your budget is too tight like as you can spend only 1 dollar then you can go for this deal it is beneficial for you.

2) How Can You Buy Robux?

If you already have made your mind to buy some Robux or you need them urgently so you want to buy it but you do not know how can you buy them easily and safest without getting risk on bank account.

First of all, if you playing Roblox on smart phone or on windows then download their official app then you will have to log in your account then you can buy Robux from there easily and it is 100% safe.

There are more benefits of buying from their official app. Benefits are you will get discount and you will get more Robux as a bonus. So, you can now easily buy them.

3) Is It Safe To Buy Robux?

Biggest question and biggest fear are that if it is safe to buy Robux. I want to tell you it is all up to you to buy it safely or reveal your all bank detail to hackers.

I will tell you in little detail. Like as if you buy Robux from their official app which is available on smart phones and on windows as well then it is all safe you can buy them without any worry. But if you use any third-party website to make payment and buy Robux then it is 80% risk of your bank detail will get stolen by some hackers.

Because they create phishing attack pages which looks real and looks authentic and same as real website but they are just fake pages which just created only for stealing any one’s bank details. You can easily recognize any phishing pages. If their URL is not starting with https then it might be a phishing page.

I would suggest you to buy it from official app only you will get bonus as well. Even if you find a real website which promises you to give you Robux they will give you only few Robux and you will not be able to get bonus and your account also can be banned permanently.

If they find anything suspicious activity so if you want to play for long time only use their official app to make payments.

4) Should You Buy Robux?

That is very easy question I guess. I would like to say if you want to buy something very urgently on Roblox like as any tool or home or any avatar and you have plenty of money and you do not know what to do with it then you should buy Robux.

Like if you have money and you feel no use of it then you should go for buying Robux. And then with Robux you can unlock many premium items so your character or your home design attracts others. You can buy Robux of 4.99 dollars so you will get 400 Robux and 100 Robux as a bonus tip.

So, at the last I will say you should buy Robux there is nothing bad in it. If you are real awesome gamer and you have to buy something very cool in the Roblox and you do not have enough Robux then you should buy it without wasting any time.

How Roblox Can Be Unblocked?

Okay so you are a teen and go to school and want to play Roblox on school’s computer or on our mobiles using school’s WiFi and when you open Roblox website you wonder you can not play it.

It is because school WiFi router block every gaming and adult website so students can not open and surf them on their network. For those who have their mobile data in their sim card they can play it on their smart phones.

And for school WiFi I will tell you a fix which works 110% after that fix you will be able to play Roblox and you will be able to surf every other gaming websites. So, you want to know the fix disparately. Okay I will not make you wait a lot let’s just jump on to our fix let’s go.


So, if you are school computer and school WiFi then you just have to download VPN software there are tons of software available on the google. Like as surf shark and tor guard. I tell you only these two among all because these two are best in their work.

So, let’s not waste any more time and let me tell you the fix.
1) download any VPN software paid or free, install it
2) open the software and create your account, (you just need to put email and password then verification)
3) After creating account close every single application and open VPN software.
4) Borrow any country’s VPN service.
5) It will take time in connecting; minimize it when it is done connecting.
6) Open your Roblox now it will be working great on your school network.

So that was for school computer if you are using your own smart phone on school network then it is going to be much easier for you. You just have to go Appstore or play store of your smart phone.

Then search free VPN changer there will be hundred of result will appear. Download any you want. Just open it and connect it to the VPN in smart phone VPN changer you do not need to create any kind of account.

After connecting with VPN, you are all ready to surf your favorite gaming websites Or Roblox. That fix is 110% working and that will never be old it will be always working so try it any time.

How To Unblock Roblox Online?

Unblocking Roblox online is same as unblocking it on school or anywhere else with VPN service. But on this time, I will tell you new and different method also. So, you can try both and pick the easy one. So, let’s get started with our other different way to unblock Roblox online.


This is how you can unblock Roblox on anywhere both ways are 70% same pick the one which one you think is easy for you and enjoy your Roblox.

How To Play Unblocked Roblox Games At School?

Playing Roblox games at school is tough because you can not just download the game every time you get on your pc. Because half of your time will get loose in installing and deleting again. Because when professor finds out your game he will going to delete it.

So, you can download scratch and beta version of Roblox which is small in size and will give you same enjoyment in the gameplay. So, this is how you can play unblocked Roblox at your school. If you do not know how to unblock it just jump above that point.

How To Download Roblox Safely For Every Platform?

So, on here I will tell you that how can you download Roblox for every single platform safely and 100% risk free. If you download that from third party website there might be a virus attached with your file and it may slow down your pc and it can also steal your all data and send it back to hacker. This can be really dangerous you can loss your bank detail or social media passwords. So, follow my methods to download Roblox free of viruses. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started to our main topic.

How To Download Roblox On Windows?


How To Download Roblox On Mac?


How To Download Roblox On Android?


How To Download Roblox On iOS?


These all are the methods above to download Roblox on every single platform you have. Yeah, I did not tell you about how to install it on Xbox because it is nothing to tell you about that.

Just buy a disk and install it in and connect the internet connection and start playing. I have covered each and every platform in this if you feel any problem in the installing then you can comment below we will get you soon with the fix in our hand.

What Is Roblox Script Executor?

First of all, I will tell you what is scripting so scripts are basically to make games more enjoyable. Like as you can put cod script in to Roblox so you can be able to play army missions with guns to killing enemies not only this but there are lot of scripts available on the google I can tell you some famous scripts of them.

You can change your player’s cloths with any one and other scripts are to get some money and first of all you need to understand that there is difference between modding and scripting. Modding can get you banned for permanently but scripting is safe and it is still free of cost and while listening to humors it is going to be paid soon.

So, download maximum scripts before it’s gotten paid. You can add maximum health scripts also so that was all about scripts but I want to tell you that scripting Roblox is topo tough. I can not teach you in one article you can watch some videos to know more about scripting and other scripting ways and how to download it.

It is also a kind of hack but it is different from modding with this you can get unlimited coins and unlimited health and many more things for mac only few scripts are available.


And Scripts Executors Are Which Make Your Script Work On Your Roblox Download All Scripts But They Will Not Work Until You Have Script Executor So You Have To Have Script Executor Before Downloading Scripts.

You Can Download Script Executor From Google By Just Searching For It You Can Download It From Any Where Because There Is No Official Website For Downloading Scripting Executor. There Are Not Only One Executor Available But Many. If You Try To Search You Will Get Hundred Of Executors.

Download Any You Like And It Will Be In Commands So You Have To Remember Commands And You Should Know How To Use It Or Else Scripts Will Not Work Until You Put Right Command. Even One Word Mistake Can Make Your Command And Script Fail. So First Learn How To Use It.

How To Download Exploit Scripts?

There are a lot of websites providing you best scripts for Roblox, but best of them is which provides you best and real virus free scripts for Roblox and you can simply download every script from there no matter if you are using mac or windows.

There are a lot of self-made scripts and full working you just have to download them first and first of all you need an executor download it as soon as possible as I have heard it is going to be paid really soon. So, get it free as soon as possible.

So, you will get some famous scripts over there which are for auto mining and auto coin collecting no matter if you are offline script will keep collecting coins for you automatically. And unlimited coin script this is for getting unlimited of coins.

And next one is for max health where your player will not die easily. Most of players do not know about scripts so this could be an advantage for you. So that was all about scripts and script executor now you have known a lot about what are they and how it works and how to download them easily.

How To Download Exploit Scripts?

First of all, I want to tell you that Roblox leaks are real but they are not official yeah, they get leaked from their official website but they get leak before they officially get launched. Like as many things have been got leak in Roblox till now.

Like as leaked hats, leaked dress, leaked shoes, and many more things. Now you must be wondering how do they get leaked so some of their employees leak them for money or when their website got hacked that time they get leaked, or with any one’s fault it can be leaked with in few seconds.

So, once they get leaked some expert people make their script and put them on their personal website and when people download them and execute that script with executor they get that hat in their account. And it is already unlocked you can download and apply it on your character.

No one else will get that hat but you only will get that leak. And many people are telling that it is not real I want to tell them that it is real but it is not official. There is big difference in real and official they get leaked before getting uploaded officially.

Another Roblox leaks are Roblox passwords getting leak it is big risk because you do not have to put email for verification so if in case your account got hacked you have to direct send mail to official Roblox company. And latest leaks of Roblox are Halloween hats and faces and some characters also.

This looks scary as per Halloween day they will not stay for forever but you can use them until the Halloween day. So, these are two leaks that you know about.

What Is Roblox Identity Fraud Guide?

Identity fraud is a horror genre game created by team motherboard. In Jan 1st 2016, this game is based around escaping mazes. And researching the final boss there will be monsters which will seek out and kill you.

And you must avoid them, there are even some secrets. The story of it that you are physiological patient with brain trauma you wake up in the maze. With nothing or a monster tracker and you must escape by all means necessary.

You must team up with other players. To survive thrive and escape. By other players I mean that it is online multilayer game where you will stay in a maze with other real players and you will have just trackers which will track monsters for you.

And other players as well you will not get only few monsters there you will find a lot of different monsters around you I will tell you about some favorite monsters. But first I want to tell you that if you want to win there is only one way to win and that is survive and escape the maze with your friends or on your own.

The monsters you will get to see in the game are.


Stan is a phantom like character that has a simple attack. If you see him keep the contact with him he can not attack while you are looking at him. That is his weakness he can not move until you are looking at him.


James is a man with clean gray suit his head closely resembles a disco ball if it is only color was red he is only seen at the third maze generally near the door. If you heard move to a wall and do not move because he only detects walk movements.


A dark knight with one purpose to scare the living hell out of you he carries a large sword. Causing him to be slow one swing of his sword can kill six people at one time. He is much slower than the players so use that as your advantage.

There are many more but I can not tell you due to shortage we will cover on them next time.


At the last I want to tell you today, we cover the whole Roblox game in one article. In this article we covered every single point and every single problems with their fix also. Told you how to buy Robux and when to buy.

So, as conclusion, I would like to say that! Read only this article for every single question about Roblox. Whether than reading several articles. Read this you will get all the fix of your problems.

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