About my school years

Dear yet non-existent readers — I'm sorry, but looks like there are going to be some useless posts about my shitty life.

So, I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1992. When I was a kid, my parents bought me a PC. It was a Pentium II- 166 MHz. I loved it. Like, it was really something magical for me. I played games and wanted to be a programmer when I grow up.

Now, there I wanted to write a paragraph or two about how fucked up was my school years in Saint Petersburg Lyceum 239, how I lost all my confidence and was just convinced that I'm dumb at the end of it, but i doubt that'll be interesting for anyone.

Anyway — now I'm 24, no education, 12-year long depression, stuck in Russia, while some of my classmates are fucking MIT students or something like that — and at this point I guess that only a miracle can help me. And, since we're living in a reality and not in a movie or a book, I know that'll never happen.

When I was a kid, I wanted to do something good for the world. I wanted to make games, a good games, like the ones Ron Gilbert are making. But everything turned out completely different. So, I'm sorry guys — I guess there won't be a good games from me :( I'm really sorry for that.

Just for the sake of ending this post on a positive note, here is a screenshot from one of my favourite games — Curse of Monkey Island:

I loved it.

If someone will ever read this — thank you for your attention.

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