Some backstory:

Hi, everyone!

I was involved in the cryptocurrencies field since late 2012. In the beginning of 2013 I had ~144 BTC, but gradually lost most of it in the course of the next few years, for a different reasons but mostly due to severe depression.

Then I got 4 NEMStakes in 2014–2015, which is right now an equivalent of ~50k USD, but turns out that getting multiple stakes was against the rules, so that’s all gone too.

Also, I have some MAID coins as an “early investor”, but I’m not sure where is my password of the associated Bitcoin address, so maybe that’ll have to wait until there’ll be decent quantum computers to break it :)

So, all in all, right now I have 12,3 BTC.

This blog will be about my attempts to do something smart with it. I think that there is a non-zero chance of earn some good ROI on investing in different cryptocurrencies, since, well, I saw how every decent-for-it’s-time cryptocurrency had risen in price, and sometimes, like in case of BTC, it was an x200 price increase in the length of 2–4 years, which is just crazy.

That’s it, guys. If you don’t like my blog, which is, IMO, really won’t be that good to be able to compete with another million blogs on the internet — you might at least like my Twitter account, Top Bitcoin Tweets, where I’m trying really hard to keep it free of not-the-best information available.

Thank you!

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