An unknown reverie

I discovered the following in my old file. I am uncertain who the author really is. Maybe I wrote, maybe I copied it from somewhere. I don’t know. If you happen to discover where it came from, please let me know.

I write to tell a story, but oftentimes my story turns into my stream of consciousness. I speak from within and dream from the outside. I tame kings and worship slaves. After all, Slaves are the true creators of civilisation. Like a cigarette, the hill of desire lures me into captivity. I am only able to break free because I am a poet. I do not pretend to know history or the object of history: man. I sing of birds and trees and that’s all; man never enticed me. The only worthy characteristic that exist in a man is his ability to loath. I have no moral underpinnings. My poems are either good or bad. They have no implications. Gods, whom I never praise(for I have no morality) have never been an obstacle to my freedom. No poseidon had ever obstructed me because I am not the Ulysses, nor is this an odyssey. The only barriers that I have faced are placed by my own demons. Demons that desire nothing but wrath from me. They will do anything to anger my soul, and burden me with desires. Love is a desire that my demon places upon me. The passionate yearning for another soul, when such a passion takes hold of a soul; dreams collide and everything unreasonable is reasonably executed. Love is the only exception to human rationality. Often I have found myself running away from the clutches of love, and yet I somehow manage myself to get trapped in the cruel rhapsody called love. I have often sought out the reasoning as to why I was/am involved in love. I seem to find no explanation.There is no intellectual explanation for love. I haven’t chosen love or rather love hasn’t chosen me based on rational principles. It has always found its flight in imagination. I say imagination because only imagination can make us travel to all corners of the universe including hell. After all, love is a hellish experience.

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