Then she was gone

On Monday my girlfriend broke up with me.

I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t too shackled.

I was a bit pissed, frankly because I don’t know who the next girl is that I will fuck. But hey, that’s not so much of a problem.

I did see it coming. I don’t blame her.

I did have thoughts about breaking up with her a couple for a couple of weeks. But I didn’t.

I like this chick a ton. But to be honest, there’s never been that great chemistry between the two of us.

We liked eachother a ton. We loved to spend time together. We liked to fuck eachother, but hardly “fucking the shit out of eachother”-type of sex, which I love. But it was good enough.

It was a good time and I don’t regret it. She opened my eyes for a world of new opportunities and I’m grateful to have spend my time with such a great gal.

Everything was ok, until it was not.

So if it was ok, why did she break up with me. I know why:

We had different views on life. I am a free-spirit, she is conservative. I believe in dying fast and young, she believes in retirement planning. I believe every humans has good intentions, she believes every human has bad intentions. I believe in rough, hard sex, she believes in slow, soft sex.

When deciding on whether to stay together with someone for the long term the little things start to matter. No like in the beginning, where cheap chinese food and sex on the dirty kitchen floor where a turn-on. It’s about the direction both are heading in life and if it’s the same direction.

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