He had lived ten, twenty, a thousand lifetimes that summer. What difference did it make that they were all the same life, repeated?

I started passing out at Declan’s in June, and by the end of the summer I was living in his salty, incompliant home. Declan had to vacate the house by Halloween—it had been sold by the IRS to repay a part of the debt his father had left behind—but he was determined to stay until they served the final eviction notice. …

Where is that shoe? Let’s look for it now as if the camera were well-behaved, as if it were elegant and delicate, some kind of boy scout that wants to do a good deed —

A woman is confessing, and the words she is saying are prayers. It’s already the time when the priest has forgiven her, and she’s offering up several “Our Fathers.” Too many, to be understandable — and there she is, non-stop, in continuous rotation, like a broken record, but one that does more than just repeat; sometimes there are variations of tone, of rhythm, slowdowns, accelerations…

I noticed him immediately: sitting tall and courtly on the cashier counter was a Turkish Angora cat, white as milk glass, with a tint of blue.

Many years ago, during my first month in New York City, I witnessed a scene that, although preposterous, has come to shape my perspective on this metropolis.

It was a hot Saturday morning in July, one of those days unique to urban climates, when rain looms, the air tastes of rust, and billows of humidity pop up at every corner, replete with mating gnats. I was eighteen, a Mexican émigré whose single mother had…

LOST iN is looking for short stories that take place in one of the cities covered by our guides. With our cities as backdrop, stories should set out to explore or highlight the rich cultural aspects of their chosen location.

– Stories should be between 500 and 1,500 words, in .doc or .docx format.

– All work should be previously unpublished.

– We accept simultaneous submissions. Please let us know asap if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

– Titles of submissions should be preceded by the name of the city it deals with. For example: Lisbon_Cartier

– Please include a short bio.

– Contributors will receive two LOST iN city guides of choice as compensation

– Submissions should be sent to fiction@lostin.com


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