Ohio Sanders Delegates Trying To Sell DNC Floor Passes For Obama’s Speech On Craigslist

The sheer magnitude of the corruption present in the DNC is mind boggling. Fortunately, for those tired of dredging through the morass of DNC internal correspondence dumped by WikiLeaks, there is always Craigslist.

According to a posting on Craigslist, apparently there are some Sanders delegates from Ohio attempting to sell access to the DNC floor this evening, which will feature President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the former First Lady herself. The asking price? A cool $1500.00. Each. Here’s the kicker — the passes shown in the photograph are for the second day of the convention, which was Tuesday, July 26th.

Posting on Craigslist. The 2 indicates these are for day 2.
Wednesday’s passes. Notice the 3? That’s for Day 3.

Now, being a political operative isn’t cheap. Since delegates are responsible for funding their own trips to the DNC, many Sanders delegates held fundraisers or created postings on sites like GoFundMe.com in order to raise the funds necessary for their trip. At least in the past few decades, most of the people who can afford to get into public service are independently wealthy. It is completely possible that the sellers of these four passes are just trying to make ends meet.

But by selling access to the Democratic National Convention — especially on the evening when the “leaders of the free world” (their words!) are going to be in attendance not only represents an incredibly crass display of materialism, it also represents a serious lack of judgment on the part of the sellers. While they do note in their Craigslist ad that they will not sell the passes to anyone “who we feel may cause problems,” it seems more likely that this disclaimer means they will not sell the passes to disaffected Sanders supporters, instead of running full background checks on the people who will be buying them.

While it has been clear to many observers that the Democratic Party is a hot mess, it seems that the heat in Philadelphia could be causing some within the party establishment to make some pretty boneheaded choices. While scoring concert tickets last minute on Craigslist may be de rigeur for some, there is a big difference between a Taylor Swift show and the Democratic National Convention — and I’m not just talking about the cost of attendance. Hopefully the Secret Service will be checking credentials and identification at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia thoroughly tonight; otherwise these people just put a lot of others at risk for their own financial gain.

This will likely be perceived as yet another twist of the knife for Sanders’ delegates, supporters, and volunteers in Philadelphia. Credentials for volunteers connected to the Sanders campaign were unilaterally revoked last night; a lottery is being held for the few remaining passes left for this evening soon.

NOTE: This piece has been edited once it was confirmed that all delegate passes have the name of the former DNC chair on them, and to confirm that the sellers in question appear to be connected to the Sanders Ohio delegation.