Why I Love Those Who Call On Sanders To Quit

The Democratic establishment and the media continue working in earnest to dam the groundswell of enthusiasm that has carried Senator Bernie Sanders this far, as this recent op-ed from Politico’s so-called “Politico Caucus” of insiders and operatives clearly demonstrates.

“If any adults actually supported Bernie, they would tell him to get out… But he doesn’t have any adult supporters. So he will stay in.” Unnamed New Hampshire Democratic insider, as told to Politico

From paying trolls to “correct the record” on Clinton, to shutting down social media groups under false pretenses, to the onslaught of think pieces, the corporate crowd is doing their damnedest to shit all over the Sanders grassroots and shut down his campaign’s remarkable apparatus before the convention in July.

What they fail to understand, is that no matter how nasty the fight becomes, no matter how toxic the rhetoric, the grassroots movement powering this exceptional candidate will only grow stronger and more connected.

“Bernie made his point. It’s time to bring the party back together. The longer he waits, the more damage he does.” — Unnamed Colorado Democratic insider, as told to Politico

The Democratic officials quoted in Politico and elsewhere will not silence the voices of the millions of independent voters throughout this country who are partially disenfranchised through closed primary voting processes.

They will not silence the millions disenfranchised by local partisan officials who engaged in voter fraud in Arizona, Illinois, New York, and elsewhere.

“He should also do what Hillary did in ’08 — support her and convince his followers to do the same,” — Unnamed Wisconsin Democratic insider, as told to Politico

They will not silence the caucuses in the West and Midwest, many of which are still in the process of convening, converting Clinton delegates, pressuring superdelegates, and working to open up the democratic process even more.

As someone who has been working at the grassroots level for a decade to further the progressive movement, a part of me is dismayed to hear elected officials supposedly on the left disparage our efforts.

“The primary is over. There is no path, and there is no math. The sooner he lands the plane, the better chance he has at building a real legacy from this.” — Unnamed Florida Democratic insider, as told to Politico

But only a part of me. Because I also know that this is just what they do. This is how any establishment faction would behave in the face of an insurgent populist faction led by a man who is an honest broker and a life-long non-conformist.

Yet, the Democratic establishment, insulated from the realities of what life is really like for the majority of their constituents, for some reason isn’t grasping simple physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

“[The Sanders camp should be] doing what’s necessary for a Democratic victory in November” — Unnamed Nevada Democratic insider, as told to Politico.

Or, put another way: they may think they’re shitting on us now, but it is going to be really great fertilizer for later.