Race to the finish line

I saw her today; The girl from English class. She was sitting down on the train, grooving to her house music with her phone glued to her face. I wanted to walk up to her and say something. Anything just to talk to her again. Mustering up the courage was just not possible today. Following my tendencies I told myself “wait till she gets off and try to catch her on the way down the stairs to the next train.” So I did that. I walked down to the end of the train to reach the stairs faster and lost sight of her.

As I exit the train my eyes scan for her to no avail. As I walk down the steps I see her taking the escalator down. In a trance almost sprinting down the steps as if she’s dancing to the music blasting if her ears. Her hands sway from side to side holding back what the rest of her body urges to do.

I try to keep her in my sights but she’s like a cat all while she’s groovin away to her jams. I see ends up on the opposite platform as me, praying she’s only on that side to cross over to the one I’m on. A few more steps and the opposite train flys in. Another few steps and I reach a cross over point with her not in sight. I continue walking praying to every and any god to see her. But she was nowhere to be found. I pull my phone out to make it seem like I’m not panicking and start furiously tapping the screen.

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