Best friends boyfriend

Hi, I am Colleen. I have good friends, however most times they can make some dumb choices. My friend, lets call her Lee, and I have been friends for a couple years now so we are fairly honest with each other.

Well we were on the phone a day or so ago and we started talking about her boy friend. Personally I really don’t like him but to each his own I guess. Anyway she started talking about this event we are going to and her dress and how her shoes match her bag so on and so forth.

Then we satarted talking about this person I like called J.J and how he is taken. Then her boy friend came up. The normal convo happend how he makes her wait to talk and how she is not sure about them blah blah blah. When she brought up the fact that he had said to her that he did not want her to be assosiated with me.

Now usually this would not bother me, however Lee and I have been a little strained lately. So I satred thinking, what if she listens to him and stops talking to me and what if I am left to rot alone forever. I know, I know that it is a little over dramatic. But, but, but what if it actually happend!?! No, never right? Hope not.

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